Who is “The God of the Spiders”

I have gone by many names as a troll, Rust NeverSleeps, Geo Byron, Crazzy Horsse and Geoff Brownstone to name a few. . . and I have seen a lot of trolls at work. There are artists, madmen, Philosopher – Kings and Warrior – Poets out there. Some trolls are playful and fun, others are spiteful and mean spirited. They all deserve their 15 minutes of fame, or shame as the case may be. Our intent – a primer on who’s out there and what I can tell you about them.

This site exists as a place to store the collected knowledge of so many nights on the keyboard, laughing and plotting, creating and destroying. The opinions expressed here are mine, and mine alone, but I’m pretty reasonable as trolls go.

Just so you know, some of the things I relay here may not be true – Many trolls have elaborate games to obscure the truth about who they are, or what their goals are. I am constantly in the process of learning, and what I “know” today is often proven wrong tomorrow – that’s half the fun, Damn Trolls.

Enjoy, Bitches!

Uncle Rusty
The God of the Spiders

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Exclusive Footage of Jen and Libby’s Dirty little Secret!
. . . Thanks Helen Wheels – LMFAO!

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